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Family Visas

At SJ Migration, our agents can help you to reunite with your family. Australian family visas are very complex and confusing. Applicants need to ensure that they select the right visa option and that they meet the eligibility criteria, otherwise the application may be refused.

Australian family visas are essentially uniquely designed with the aim of helping immigrants to Australia bring their relatives to join them and live here permanently. The family visas offer a range of visa opportunities that include provisional and permanent parent visas, child visas and remaining relative visas. Each visa subclass will have different type of benefits attached to it. Picking the right option is important. This is because some visas allow you to stay in Australia whilst awiaing the processing of your application, other visa types do not provide this benefit.

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Partner Visa

Lodging an online partner visa application is not difficult and could be done in about 1 hour. However, unless the information and supporting documents that you provide are correct, comprehensive and extensive, chances of visa refusal could be high. Click to learn more about Partner visa

Parent Visa

This type of permanent visa lets the parent of a settled Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to stay in Australia. The main requirement of this visa is to satisfy the balance of family test. Click to learn more

The visitor (Class FA) Subclass 600

The Visitor (Subclass 600) visa allows for the entry of genuine tourist, business and family visitors to Australia for the purposes of visiting the country on a temporary basis. Click to learn more.

Remaining Relatives

Should you not have any relatives outside of Australia, this visa allows you to permanently come to Australia to be with your remaining family.

Carer Visa

If you are an Australian Citizen/PR suffering from a long-term or permanent medical condition that requires assistance, you can apply to bring a relative from your immediate family circle from overseas to care for you permanently.


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