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Kollu Mamatha

Thank you so much Soodeh for helping me to get my 190 Visa.
I know Soodeh from the day I have lodged my TR. Lodged the file with a different migration agent in FEB 2019. CO contacted in DECEMBER 2019 for docs my previous agent have submitted but haven’t followed up. I was literally so stressed as it’s been almost 17 months after lodging my Visa couldn’t get it then I got in touch with SOODEH again she took up my file last month in OCT exactly within a month span she did a great job by following up with immigration and got the grant. Me and my family are so thankful to SOODEH.. it’s just because of her dedication towards her work and she puts herself in clients shoes and helps you to get the residency.
I know it might be a bit long story genuine feedback can trust her and leave it to her she will take care.